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Figure Asset Management leverages its position in the Provenance blockchain ecosystem for insights and opportunities that drive our unique investment offerings. These funds are offered to accredited investors exclusively on Provenance Marketplace.

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The Figure World Equity Strategy is an actively managed global equity portfolio that seeks to outperform the FTSE Developed Net Total Return USD Index based on global macro research and insights.


Actively Managed


Equities and FX


Exposure to an institutional quality portfolio of residential mortgage assets, allowing individual investors to access attractive yield generating assets in a simple, straightforward vehicle.




Residential Mortgage Loans

Investment Insights

Pray for Peace but Prepare for War: Inflation Edition

June 25, 2021

Equity markets have rallied over the past year as the various COVID vaccines have proven effective and the global economy has begun to reopen, albeit in a piecemeal fashion...

Figure World Equity 2020 Year in Review

January 28, 2021

What started as an innocuous grouping of pneumonia cases in a Chinese city led to a global pandemic and unprecedented restrictions on economic activity outside of wartime...

Is a Bubble Brewing?

December 10, 2020

Further stimulus has come to be seen as necessary for a continuing economic recovery, but what if it isn’t? The implications of a service sector-specific shock are consistent with what we have observed...

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Multidisciplinary Investment Process

Figure Asset Management combines real-time data with macro economic insights to provide unique investment opportunities.


  • Monetary policy expertise/relationships from tenure at Fed & IMF
  • Access to the latest macroeconomics academic research

Capital Markets

  • Real time visibility to consumer credit trends
  • Provenance members include prominent buy and sell side firms

Trading Dynamics

  • Active dialogue with Street across strategies
  • Trading experience across equity, global macro, FX and credit, including the full range of derivative instruments

History of outperformance

  • Access returns of alternative investments with a history of outperformance
  • At lower investment minimums
  • Through a user friendly blockchain enabled technology platform

Returns are based on a separately managed account and not the fund. Benchmark is FTSE Developed Index - Net Total Return USD. Please read World Equity Legal Disclaimer.

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Connecting buyers and sellers of digital assets. Over $1 billion in digital assets have transacted on Provenance. Figure Asset Management funds are available exclusively through the Provenance Marketplace, which allows for an end-to-end digital experience. Accredited investors verify their status and invest in a few easy steps, eliminating the slow, cumbersome process that usually accompanies investing in alternatives.

Our leadership team

Figure Asset Management combines deep experience in monetary policy, capital markets and trading to develop unique insights and opportunities fueled by real-time data from the Provenance ecosystem. Meet the team who is leading the future of finance on blockchain.

Mike Cagney

Mike is the Co-Founder and CEO of Figure Technologies, Inc. Previously, Mike was Co-Founder and CEO of SoFi, as well as Co-Founder and managing partner of Cabezon Investment Group. Mike was Head of Financial Products and proprietary trading at Wells Fargo. Mike has extensive experience in consumer credit, ABS, MBS/RMBS, capital markets, and Global Macro, FX, Equity and Credit PM experience. Mike has a BA and MA from University of California at Santa Cruz and was a Sloan Fellow at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Mike currently acts as the chairman of the investment committee for Figure Asset Management.

Michael Dooley

Dr. Dooley is Chief Economist for Figure Investment Advisors and a Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He spent more than twenty years working at the Federal Reserve and IMF and regularly advises on monetary policy matters. Dr. Dooley has published extensively on open economy macroeconomics including Bretton Woods II, crises in emerging markets, debt management, capital controls, capital flight and liberalization of financial markets.

Bill White

Bill White is the CEO of Figure Investment Advisors and Portfolio Manager for the World Equity and Figure Private Credit Strategies. During his career, Bill has been a Portfolio Manager for funds managed by FIA’s predecessor firm and the ReFlow Fund. He has been Vice President, Trading at Social Finance Inc., held various leadership roles with ReFlow and Forward Management and was Vice President, Trading for Morgan Stanley Online where he headed Equity, Options, and Fixed Income trading at the San Francisco office.

Asiff Hirji

Asiff is the President of Figure Technologies, Inc. Prior to Figure, Asiff served as President and COO of Coinbase where he grew the company to over $1 billion in revenue and achieved an $8 billion valuation. Asiff was an Operating Partner with Andreessen Horowitz and previously served as President and COO of TD Ameritrade, growing that business 6x into the nation’s largest online broker. Asiff has also held senior leadership roles with TPG Capital, Saxo Bank, HP, and Bain Capital and has served on a number of public and private boards including Citrix and Advent Software. Asiff is a member of the investment committee for Figure Asset Management.