Meet Calum, he’s part of Figure’s people operations team. As a former special operations team commander for the Marine Raiders, he brings a unique set of skills for the organization. The change going from the military to adapting to a high-growth startup didn’t stifle him since he was on a small specialized team, “it made the transition really easy coming out of the military.”

As someone with a strong team mentality and work ethic, Calum was instrumental in establishing the work offices and team at Figure early on. His role has evolved from owning the on-boarding process to handling facilities, performance management, learning and development, and employee communications. He also leads the company’s efforts to instill culture first, “we have been very selective in building our team. It’s not just about getting things done. It’s about making sure we hire the right people.”

“It’s not necessarily about the particular work you’re doing, but about the people you’re doing it with.”

Figure continues to ensure each new hire makes the organization an even better place to work. The focus has always been on hiring diverse talent across each team as this leads to stronger culture and faster innovation. 6% of Figure are working veterans. And that number is growing thanks to its partnership with The Honor Foundation. The non-profit helps train and prepare veterans to transform into civilian work. Calum explains that they also assist his team with finding matches for open roles, “they help find the right fit, and not just the right job for candidates.”

The partnership between the two organizations comes full circle for Calum. His former teammate from the same battalion got hired by Figure through The Honor Foundation first. Soon after, that person recruited Calum to the team. Since they both spent a lot of time working together in the military, they already had a strong foundation and understanding with one another, “we spent more time with our team than family, it makes it so you come to understand each other, sometimes even without conversation.” Working together again, Calum expresses “it’s great for him to know that there are others who he can talk to that understands how he thinks.

“Hold Each Other Capable” is Calum’s favorite of Figure’s six core values. He feels confident that his teammates can depend on him and vice versa if he needs help. He’s able to complete every mission and doesn’t feel alone in doing so, “we are so much better together if we lean on each other and support one another.”