We Are Culture First.

Good people, shared values, a supportive environment—we build everything around that. Because at Figure, performance has to be aligned with values—and building and reinforcing the values that make a high-performance environment possible is the core foundation of our culture. We hire through consensus, and our first filter is always whether or not each new person will make Figure a better place to work.

We have 6 core values that define our organization and are central to how we work:

1. Be data driven

Make data driven decisions and be willing to pivot when the data tells you to.

2. Process Matters

Work with complete transparency, solicit and accept feedback.

3. Hold each other capable

Expect your teammates to succeed and support them doing so.

4. Hold each other accountable

Be direct and honest with your teammates and be open to the same.

5. Disagree and commit

Explore ideas, engage in healthy debate and support the final decision.

6. Be performance oriented

Move fast, be passionate about your contributions, own your area of expertise and use your voice.

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