We asked Mike Cagney, our Founder and CEO, to provide his perspective on a few questions related to the culture at Figure.

What is Figure’s biggest strength as a company?

“The depth and breadth of the team.  We are fortunate to have a diverse set of team members with accomplishments in banking, blockchain, tech - it's enabled us to morph Figure into a blockchain holding company encompassing seven synergistic businesses: Figure Lending, Provenance Capital Markets, Figure SAAS, Figure Asset Management, Provenance Digital Fund Services, Cara, and a new Cap Table Management offering.”

How do we encourage employees to learn more and better contribute to Figure?

“We try to build transparency across the organization around our top value drivers.  Each of the seven business lines has 1-2 critical deliverables, and everyone in the company should be involved in one or more of those deliverables.  We constantly ask our team - if you aren't working on these, we probably need to change your priorities.  

Once you are working on a project, it's important to be an entrepreneur - take ownership and make sure you are making a difference.  We're a small company, and to be successful we all need to do our part.”

What are you most afraid of regarding the future success of the business/what’s the biggest vulnerability of Figure?

“Given our transition to WFA (working from anywhere), my biggest worry is how we build culture, identity and loyalty across our team.  This is uncharted territory, so we don't really have a set of best practices - we're going to have to figure (no pun intended) it out, and no doubt we'll make some mistakes along the way.  But I think WFA is a huge perk for our team, and I'm enthusiastic given our WFH output that we'll be able to navigate this and be successful.”

What do you want for the employees of Figure?

“I view Figure as having three constituents: employees, investors and customers.  I believe they are all equal.  Employees - I like to call them team members - all have ownership in Figure.  My objective is to maximize the value of Figure for the benefit of employees and investors, and make it a fun ride getting to a Figure monetization event.”