Behind creating the fastest HELOC on the planet among other innovative financial solutions, is a company that puts culture first. The foundation of its strong culture is the diverse talent across each team. Figure believes diversity and inclusion brings value to employees, customers, and community. The company is proud that half of its executive team is comprised of women. Jen Mitrenga is one of them.

As Head of Americas for Provenance, Jen is an integral part of leading Figure’s production blockchain. She’s worked for the company for over a year and has found working for a high-growth startup to be exhilarating and intellectually stimulating. She believes a big part of the organization’s success can be attributed to how diverse the team is. She explains, “being part of a diverse team allows me to leverage the team and each of their individual gifts in different ways to appeal to different types of people.” Jen is an activist who has dedicated her career to gender and diversity empowerment for the past decade, so joining a company with Figure’s culture was a natural fit.

Figure has six core values and the one that resonates with Jen the most is ‘Disagree and Commit’. She explains, “for an organization that is still in its infancy, moving lightspeed fast and delivering into a global bold vision - being able to engage in healthy debates daily and explore ideas in a trusted environment is critical to our ability to make decisions and move forward together.” Her philosophy is that it’s important to be able to have an opinion where one doesn’t always agree so that innovation can happen.

Jen is proud to see Figure paving the way to empower women in positions of leadership and technology. She believes there needs to be more women at the table both solving problems and addressing the solutions. Her advice to women entering the FinTech space is “be curious, never stop learning, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Mentor and invest in other women around you. Embrace the unique gifts you possess and don’t feel the need to conform to a particular culture or style if it’s not authentic.