We sat down with Kolin Ohi, Senior Director of Data Engineering at Figure, to get his perspective on the team and unique opportunities at Figure.

What does your team work on?

Data engineering at Figure is responsible for the data pipes and processes that connect our products to analytics, reporting, data science, and machine learning.

What’s interesting about the work?

Because we started from scratch, you get to use current technologies instead of retrofitting legacy systems, and because we work across all products, you’ll be exposed to almost every engineering team at Figure.  More than that, you’ll see the immediate impact of your work, by providing the data that drives all business decisions at Figure and building the architecture on which data science depends.

What makes your team unique?

Data engineering works across all of the microservices that produce data at Figure and across all the business teams that depend on that data, from analytics and data science to finance, compliance, marketing, and capital markets.  As a small team at a fast-growing company, we’re always getting to learn something new.

How do you lead your team?

As a small team, every person on it is key to its success; with the breadth of its responsibilities, micromanagement is impossible.  We work together as peers to produce the best data products we can.

Interested in joining Figure's Engineering team? Learn more: https://boards.greenhouse.io/figure/jobs/4884053002