Updating Las Vegas
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Updating Las Vegas

Vicky McCall and her husband, Erik live happily in their Las Vegas house. “I looked for a long time for this home,” Vicky said. “We found a home we really love and really plan on staying in. I love the size of my backyard — not many backyards are my size.” This single-story, open floor plan house in Southern Highlands has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a three-car garage and a pool. They’ve been living in it for six years and it’s time for some renovations. “We want to update the master bathroom to have a big walk in shower for two and enlarge our master closet, and make it an updated spa-like bathroom for us,” she said, adding that they’ll have to move some walls around. Painting and a yard update are also on the list. Vicky, 45, manages a dental office and Erik, 46, works in IT for Cox Communications. They have two daughters — Natalie, 19, who studies in Utah, where the McCalls have a second home, and Kay, 22, who lives in Summerlin, a Las Vegas suburb. They also have a dog, Leo. The McCalls needed a HELOC to renovate their house, and Vicky first turned to the company that issued their mortgage. Everything seemed fine at first. “A week before closing they wanted to change all the terms of the loan on me,” she said. They asked for a larger down payment. “And they knew that I was on a timeline, so I didn’t necessarily want to give them my business again. I had a bad taste in my mouth from the original deal.” Vicky looked into traditional banks, too, but when she received a Figure advertisement in her mailbox, she decided to give Figure a try. She applied on a weekend night, and she got a reply at the start of the following work week. “I found Figure so easy and fair,” she said. Figure gave them a $60,000 loan and at a 5.9 percent interest rate, which she’s happy with because she said banks usually charge higher interest rates on secondary lines of credit on a home. In fact, their Figure loan isn’t just for renovations, but it’s enabled them to consolidate their debt first. They paid off their credit cards, an auto loan and a tax bill. Now they can focus on their home renovations. “If Figure did not work out, we would have put a hold on all of our plans to remodel. It would have been more difficult on us financially because it would’ve been more individual bills with higher percentages and with a daughter in college that we support — every little bit counts,” Vicky said. “We really appreciated Figure to so very quickly give us a decision and then fund the loan so fast. It was honestly the easiest, fastest thing ever, and I was so happy with the customer service they provided.” So now Vicky’s spreading the word. “I always tell people now — ‘hey, try Figure. They’re not a traditional bank but I tried them and I thought it was great alternative,’” she said.

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