Figure is proud to announce the grand prize winner of the #HelpingHomeowners Sweepstakes: Rachel K. of West Virginia!

She told us how she’s going to use her $25,000 winnings.

First, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I am a homeowner in West Virginia and we have five of our six children living at home, so this couldn't have come at a better time. We are adding value to our home and building an in-ground pool. So this will greatly help finish that market.”

Can you tell us more about your family?

“We have been here basically all of the kids’ entire lives. I grew up in Ohio and moved to West Virginia when I was about 10. So more than half of my life I've been in West Virginia and we are right on the border of Ohio, so. We still spend a lot of time in Ohio. That's literally right across the river. So we're right on the Ohio River.”

What do you and your husband do for a living?

“I am an accountant for a government agency and my husband is an operations manager for a company that provides cleaning services for commercial offices in our area.”

How have you been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

“We’ve been OK through all of it and feel very blessed that we were both able to keep our jobs. My husband has a lot more work going on with everyone needing more disinfecting done at all the companies that he cleans. I had worked remotely a few days each month prior to the pandemic. But now we are on mandatory telework until we see a future. So, yeah, so another reason why updating our home is very important because we spend a lot of time here.”

How are you going to use your winnings?

“Our pool is in process of getting installed as we speak. And we bought a plot of land next door to our property, and it had a trailer on it that was run down. So we removed that. Some of this money will be going towards clearing this lot… It's incredible that we are able to transform the lot and rundown trailer into a basketball court for the kids! All of this money is going right back into our home.”

“We're making our quality of life better with the properties we now have. And of course, we're super proud of it.”

Can you tell us about how you came across the Sweepstakes?

“I saw the sweepstakes online. I get emails for sweepstakes, and I probably got it through the newsletter.”

Have you ever heard about Figure?

“I am actually in the market to refinance, Figure was not a company that I had heard of before the sweepstakes. But it was a great opportunity for me to learn about your company!”

Again, congratulations Rachel! Figure is proud to help homeowners like you!

“Thank you so, so very much for the opportunity and for choosing me as the winner.”