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The first end-to-end blockchain solution that combines tools for digital fundraising and ongoing fund management with a primary marketplace for raising capital and a secondary marketplace for trading fund interests.

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Digital Fund Services

Figure Digital Fund Services offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help fund managers create, raise and manage private funds digitally on blockchain.

Manage funds more efficiently

With a suite of tools for digital fundraising and ongoing management, connected to a marketplace for raising capital and secondary trading of fund interests.

Do away with manual processes

Using blockchain to digitize antiquated, paper-based processes, freeing up time and resources for fund managers to focus on what they do best.

Improve the investor experience

With an easy to use onboarding platform and investor portal that will accelerate the adoption of 506(c) offerings and democratize access to private funds.

Access a frictionless secondary marketplace

Transform the management of, and expand the eligible investor base for previously illiquid strategies with a blockchain enabled marketplace for secondary trading of fund interests.

A new way to offer private funds: Digitally

The $10 trillion private funds market is plagued with time-consuming processes and inefficiencies. An increased regulatory burden since the global financial crisis and an influx of new investors have pulled time and resources away from core investment functions. There has been little innovation to address this shift, until now.

Figure uses blockchain to streamline and digitize processes and reduce time and money spent on services from “trusted helpers.” The Digital Fund Services offering is a comprehensive suite of solutions for non-investment related functions, connected to a marketplace for digitally issued fund interests that offers new avenues for discovery and distribution.

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bundle pricing on a
comprehensive solution

Other companies provide singular offerings (e.g. digital subscriptions, fund administration, etc.) and blockchain-based services (e.g. digital transfer agent, security tokens). Only Figure offers a full suite of services connected to a primary marketplace for capital raising and a secondary marketplace for trading fund interests.

  • Create a Digital Store
  • 506c and 506b Offerings
  • Discovery & Distribution
  • Digital Fund Formation
  • Investor Passport
  • Digital Subscriptions & Redemptions
  • GP Dashboards
  • Investor Portal
  • Custody Reporting
  • Fund Admin
  • Capital Calls & Distributions
  • ATS License
  • T+0 Bilateral Trading
  • No Counterparty Risk
  • Reduced Search & Transaction costs

Blockchain for financial services

By combining the immutable, distributed and trustless features of a blockchain with ledger, registry and exchange functionality - the Provenance Blockchain can increase efficiency, improve user experience, eliminate risks and create new markets.


Enables the discovery, issuance, purchase, transfer and redemption of digital fund interests by marrying investor passport data, fund compliance and regulatory guidelines.


Securely and confidentially verifies investor accreditation and performs KYC/AML/BSA checks on global individuals and entities. Investors can leverage their passport for multiple offerings on Provenance Blockchain eliminating redundant processes.


Captures all investor-level fund activity (cash flows, ownership) in an ‘undisputed chain of truth’. Provides seamless subscription and capital operations and settlement. Enables the frictionless distribution of fund proceeds and redemptions.


Creates a secure and immutable record of investment ownership, terms and fund details, simplifying document management for LPs and GPs.


Improves the liquidity profile of illiquid funds through bilateral secondary trading of fund interests with real time settlement while eliminating high search and transaction costs of current secondary markets.

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In this fintechNEXT webinar, Dechert partner Timothy Spangler and Figure Technologies’ Managing Director Ben Borton will be discussing the wider implications of these changes for fund managers and investors, and how they can take advantage of these important developments.

Figure Launches First Digital Fund Services Offering on Blockchain

Figure’s Digital Fund Services offering leverages the Provenance Blockchain to automate largely manual, paper-based processes associated with fundraising, investment fund set-up and ongoing fund management, freeing up time and resources for fund managers.