Let your cap table work harder for you

Figure Equity Solutions offers a comprehensive and immutable way to manage, track, and report equity. Equipped with industry-best standard features that are easy to use and keep your cap table accurate including digital securities issuance and 409A valuation.


Focus on growth with confidence, reduce errors, and track corporate actions immutably. Offer liquidity to investors and employees.


Realize liquidation faster and track investments more precisely with the latest information about due diligence and vesting.


Feel more invested with transparent reporting and flexible opportunities to exercise stock options and participate in secondaries.

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More efficiency for private companies

The platform combines the distributed, trustless, and immutable characteristics of blockchain with the functions of the ledger, registry, and a trading platform for assets and markets - driving efficiency, affordability, and liquidity for private companies.


Figure Equity Solutions


Basic plans

Employee equity plans, electronic certificates, convertible notes, safes, and warrant issuances


Audit-ready 409a valuation annually

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Form 3921 year-end option tax reporting generation and distribution

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ASC 718 stock based compensation expense accounting

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Rule 701 document distribution

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Native connection to Marketplace for capital raising and equity trading

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White glove onboarding with fast setup and easy CSV data imports

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(Companies with 10 or fewer stakeholders receive a free cap table.)

Validity and liquidity all in one powerful platform.
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