Private companies
can unlock liquidity

Private companies can conduct liquidity events on Figure’s ATS platform with full control of timing and events.
Access a liquid market that allows eligible investors and sellers to transact seamlessly -- like trading a public stock on an exchange.

24x7x365 real-time settlement
with minimal counterparty risk


Private companies can provide secondary market liquidity to employees and investors. Get started with a demo of Figure’s active trading platform for private company equity on the blockchain.


Accredited investors can get access to private company shares. Start by setting up a Figure account and wallet. Then, validate your accreditation with Investor Passport which automatically performs KYC/AML/BSA checks.

Equity Solutions + Trading Platform

Leverage the power of Equity Solutions combined with Figure’s SEC-registered trading platform to access bilateral trading, with instant settlement and minimal counterparty risk. (Trading available for Series B or later stage companies.)

Over $4.7B

managed, raised, and traded


accredited investors


active companies

Secondary trading powered
by blockchain to bring you

  • Real-time settlement
  • Bilateral transactions
  • Minimum couterparty risk
  • Validity and liquidity in one powerful, intuitive platform

Why Figure
Equity Solutions?

Using the trading platform, private companies can offer liquidity to investors and employees. Investors can discover new private investment opportunities. Employees can unlock liquidity.

Access to a large accredited investor pool with the Figure Marketplace ecosystem.

Seamless investor passporting to validate accreditation.

FINRA member and SEC-registered secondary trading platform.

VC Firms

Use this efficient platform to help manage your portfolio exposure with liquidity.
Sell shares or buy shares of private stock with ease.