For private companies, unlock liquidity

Private companies can conduct liquidity events on Figure’s platform. Access an active platform where companies can offer liquidity to investors and employees. Investors can discover new private investment opportunities.

Conduct a liquidity event

Provide secondary market liquidity to employees and investors using Figure’s active platform for private company equity on the blockchain.

Offer investors and employees liquidity on a 24/7 active trading platform with a real-time settlement. Companies have full control of event timing and rules.

Access a large investor pool within the ecosystem. Provide new investors with seamless investor passporting to validate accreditation.

Ensure your cap table stays up-to-date with automatic updates pre-and post-event. Enjoy validity and liquidity 
all in one powerful platform.

Figure’s regulatory approval for its Alternative Trading System will bring liquidity to private companies.

Mike Cagney,

CEO and Co-Founder of Figure

Accredited investors,
ready to invest in private equity?

Offering 24x7 markets with instant settlement, Figure’s ATS levels the playing field between retail investors and institutions. To buy and sell private digital assets on the platform, you’ll need a wallet and a passport.

Validity and liquidity all in one powerful platform.
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