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A better alternative to a personal loan

Personal loan rates are skyrocketing at an average of 15% APR. Some lenders have even stopped offering personal loans. But as a homeowner, you have the option to tap your equity for cash at a much lower rate.9  navigates to the related disclosure

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Pre-qualification does not affect your credit score.8  navigates to the related disclosure

Take advantage of low rates and fast funding

Low fixed rates and discount

Enjoy a low fixed interest rate, no-prepayment penalties, optional Autopay and Quorum membership discounts, and origination option to lower your fixed interest rate and the monthly payment (for those who qualify.)

Approval in 5 minutes

Our no-hassle process is fast, easy, and 100% digital. No in-person appraisal needed. Get approved faster than you thought possible, in as little as 5 minutes.

Funding in as few as 5 days2  navigates to the related disclosure

Borrow up to $250,000 with a one-time origination fee. Get approval in minutes with funding in as little as 5 days.2  navigates to the related disclosure

Online video notary and support

Call us at 888-819-6388 Monday through Saturday, 6am – 6pm PT. Our average response time is less than 45 seconds. Online video notary sessions are available in most locations.

The advertised rate of 2.99% APR includes a combined 0.75% discount for opting into a Quorum Membership (0.50%) and enrolling in AutoPay (0.25%). This rate also includes the payment of a 4.99% origination fee in exchange for a reduced APR, which is not available to all applicants or in all states.

Compare the average APR for credit cards and personal loans

Credit cards have always been expensive. Personal loan rates have skyrocketed and loan availability is limited. However, Figure offers a better alternative for homeowners.6  navigates to the related disclosure Get up to $250,000 with funding in as little as 5 days.2  navigates to the related disclosure

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Don’t just take our word for it, see what other members had to say! For homeowners, Figure is the better option.

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