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Goodbye BWII Part 2

September 28,2020

In the last piece, we discussed the formation and rationale for the Bretton Woods II system. By undervaluing their exchange rate, lending dollars earned through exports back to the United States, and allowing foreign corporations to earn excess profits by using low-wage labor, China was able to industrialize quickly...

Alternatives made easy - access high-performing alternative investments

September 23,2020

Figure CEO Mike Cagney and Chief Economist Michael Dooley host a deep dive discussion of our latest macro thinking, capital markets insights from the Provenance ecosystem and an introduction to Figure Asset Management's investment offerings.

Goodbye BWII

August 3,2020

For equity investors deploying a top down macro strategy, persistent outperformance is driven by thematic insights about the real economy, financial markets, fiscal and monetary policy, capital flows, and behavioral considerations...

Making Sense of the Covid-19 Market

July 13,2020

Every recession is different, and the one we’re navigating through now fits that bill. Brought on by a wave of self-imposed (albeit inconsistent) state and county shutdowns the fall in output and rise in unemployment from Covid-19 have been unprecedented...