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A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, is a great financial tool available for home improvements due to low-interest flexible borrowing, flexible repayment, and potential tax deductions. It can be used for landscaping projects, kitchen remodels, new additions, roofs, HVAC, bathroom remodels, and more.

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Top projects for Figure HELOC customers

    Backyard transformation

    Transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking retreat with Figure's HELOC. Imagine a shimmering pool, vibrant landscaping, or a cozy patio.

    Kitchen revamp

    Ready for a luxurious kitchen makeover? Opt for top-tier countertops, modern cabinets, and high-end appliances with the help of a HELOC.

    HVAC upgrade

    Ensure comfort in every season by upgrading your HVAC system. Figure's HELOC provides the financial flexibility to install an energy-efficient system.


    Expand your living space or add potential rental income with an Accessory Dwelling Unit. Whether it's a guest house, rental property, or in-law suite, a HELOC can finance the addition.

    Solar installation

    A HELOC from Figure makes it easier to fund your solar project, promoting energy savings and environmental sustainability.

Compare HELOC vs. Cash-Out Refinance

Compare a Figure Home Equity line versus a Cash-Out Refinance to see how much you could save.5navigates to numbered disclaimer From attics to basements, and everything in between.

Figure HELOC

Cash-Out Refinance

Fixed rateYesYes
Shorter termsYesNo
No Closing CostsYesNo
No Out-of-Pocket CostsYesNo
Ability to RedrawYesNo
Fast Access to CashYesNo
No Out-of-Pocket CostsYesNo

What can I use a home equity line of credit for?

A HELOC can be used for many different purposes such as:

Home improvement

Finance your next project.

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