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Figure's vision, mission, and values
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Figure's vision, mission, and values

Welcome to Figure!

Our mission is to transform financial services, bringing speed, efficiency, and savings to both consumers and institutions.

Our values is as follows:

Mission Driven

• Our actions align directly to our vision and mission.
• Our products will adapt to change, always focused on solving the problem.
• Our employees, customers and investors are weighted equally.
• Our employees have the trust and autonomy to think and act creatively.


• We have an owner mindset, everyone plays an important role.
• We embrace ambiguity and are comfortable with that execution.
• We thrive in and promote an innovative culture.
• We are tenacious.
• We seek to learn.


• We engage in healthy debate with data as a data-driven company.
• We communicate effectively and often.
• We admit when we don’t know something.
• We are open to giving and receiving feedback.

Positive Energy

• We respect each other.
• We show appreciation.
• We celebrate wins.
• We trust each other, and assume good intentions.

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