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We're here to help you

If you're experiencing income loss or financial hardship, we are offering repayment assistance for eligible Figure customers. Read below to learn more.

If you're a Student Loan Refinance customer in need of repayment assistance, click here for information on repayment options.

How repayment assistance works

Figure understands that customers sometimes experience financial hardship resulting from loss of income and unexpected expenses. That's why we offer a variety of repayment assistance options for our customers.

First, review the available options outlined below and decide which best fits your circumstances.

  • Forbearance:

    • Available for HELOC, Mortgage Refinance, and Personal Loan customers.
    • Defer monthly payment(s)for a period of time (up to a total of 12 months over the life of the loan for HELOC and Mortgage Refinance customers, and up to 6 months over the life of the loan for Personal Loan customers).
    • If approved, you are not required to make payments during the approved forbearance period but can do so at your option.
    • For Home Equity Line customers, additional draws will be suspended during the forbearance term.
    • At the end of the forbearance term, you will be required to resume making monthly payments. You'll also be responsible for repaying the amounts that were deferred as a part of the forbearance but how such amounts are repaid will depend on the type of loan you have, as well as your personal circumstances.
    • If at the end of the forbearance period, your hardship is still ongoing, you may extend the forbearance period up to the maximum number of months based on loan type.
  • Short-Term repayment plan:

    • Available for HELOC and Personal Loan customers only.
    • Repay the amounts past due over a period of time (up to a maximum of six months), in addition to the regular monthly payment amount.
    • This option is available once every 12 months.
    • Requires an increased payment amount for a duration of the repayment assistance term.
  • Skip-a-Pay:

    • Available for Personal Loan customers only.
    • Skip a single payment due on the loan once every 12 months up to a maximum of 6 months over the life of the loan.

How to Apply

Download the Loan Assistance Application form that corresponds to your specific loan type. Fill out the required information and select which repayment assistance option you are applying for. Submit the application, along with any required documentation, to Figure via email at  Opens in a new window.. Once the completed application is received, Figure's Customer Service Team will review to determine eligibility. You can expect an email notifying you of the results of your review within a few days, and if you are approved, a Loan Assistance Agreement will be sent to you outlining the terms of your specific offer.

HELOC Loan Assistance Application  Opens in a new window.

Mortgage Loan Assistance Application  Opens in a new window.

Personal Loan Assistance Application  Opens in a new window.

Follow Up

As the end of your repayment assistance plan nears, Figure will follow up with you to check in on the status of your hardship. If your hardship is ongoing, we'll discuss additional options that are available at that time. Please feel free to preemptively contact Figure to discuss your circumstances. We're here to help!

Helpful Eligibility & Repayment Assistance Tips:

  • For Figure HELOC borrowers, confirm that your loan is not more than 29 days past due
  • For Figure Personal Loan borrowers, confirm that your loan is not more than 119 days past due.
  • Ensure you can demonstrate and attest to hardship. If you are not able to demonstrate a hardship, your forbearance request may be denied.
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulty, HUD counselors are available:  Opens in a new window. or (800)-569-4287.
  • California Borrowers: Please visit the California Housing Authority's website for information regarding the California Mortgage Relief Program and other repayment assitance options.  Opens in a new window.