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Partner HELOC for

Home Improvement Companies

Provide customers with a financing solution to support their home improvement needs. Partners can help their customers unlock up to $400k1navigates to numbered disclaimer to reinvest in their home by using a HELOC. Get in touch with us to learn more!


Merchant Partnership

Contractors and other merchants can offer their customers an incredible HELOC product, with long terms and high loan amounts, without paying dealer fees.

How it works

  • Merchant markets Figure's product as financing option for the project
  • Figure disburses funds directly to the borrower
  • Borrower can work directly with the merchant to set payment schedule
  • In accordance with RESPA, no referral fee will be paid to Merchant.

Figure's Responsibilities

  • Figure handles everything



Customer AcquisitionNoYes
Underwriting / PricingYesNo
Sales to InvestorsYesNo

Help your customers unlock up to $$400k1navigates to numbered disclaimer in as few as $5 days2navigates to numbered disclaimer by tapping their home equity

Offer instant, personalized offers just like other digital services your customers are used to. Customers can apply 100% online, get low fixed rates, and borrow up to $400,0001navigates to numbered disclaimer with quick approval in 5 minutes.

  • Up to $400k with the option to redraw 100% of the original loan amount

  • Funding in as few as 5 days with no appraisal needed

  • Option to spread payments out over up to 30 years

  • Help your customers tap home equity while keeping their existing low-interest mortgage!

Our HELOC vs Traditional HELOC


Traditional HELOC

Funding timeIn as few as 5 days2navigates to numbered disclaimer45 days
Fixed rate3navigates to numbered disclaimerYesNo
100% online applicationYesNo
Automated underwritingYesNo
Draw featureYesYes
AppraisalAVMIn person
Title reportNoYes
E-closing*navigates to table disclaimerYesMaybe
DisbursementFull disbursementOver time
  • * E-notary available in most locations but not all

Benefits for your customers

Start offering HELOCs to your customer base within weeks

We offer other partnership opportunities beyond Private Label for both licensed and non-licensed entities. Submit the form below to chat today!