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Protect your portfolio while generating another stream of revenue. Offer* the HELOC to first lien mortgage holders in your existing portfolio, as a way to tap their equity quickly and easily without giving up their low mortgage rate.

*In order to offer the HELOC you must be licensed as a lender in the applicable states

  • Protect your customer portfolio

    Increase the lifetime value of existing customers, by offering them another more cost-effective way to unlock their home equity without giving up their low mortgage rate.

  • Capitalize on the current rate environment

    By providing a financial solution to tap home equity, as an alternative to a cash-out refinance, you can strengthen your relationship with customers.

  • Add an additional revenue stream

    Generate additional business by offering a HELOC to existing customers. No extra marketing dollars necessary. Diversify your company’s revenue sources without the overhead.

Our HELOC vs Traditional HELOC


Traditional HELOC

Funding timeIn as few as 5 days2navigates to numbered disclaimer45 days
Fixed rate3navigates to numbered disclaimerYesNo
100% online applicationYesNo
Automated underwritingYesNo
Draw featureYesYes
AppraisalAVMIn person
Title reportNoYes
E-closing*navigates to table disclaimerYesMaybe
DisbursementFull disbursementOver time
  • * E-notary available in most locations but not all

Benefits for your customers

Prospect effectively within your existing customer database

One of the most important drivers of success is knowing what options are available to your customers. Quickly and easily prospect within your own database before reaching out to customers with the HELOC product.

  • Provides transparency

    See exactly what options might be available for your customer

  • Builds confidence

    Have confidence that you’re providing customers with an ideal HELOC

  • Increases conversion

    Appropriately prospect and conduct outreach to customers who may benefit from a HELOC

Start offering HELOCs to your customer base within weeks

We offer other partnership opportunities beyond Private Label for both licensed and non-licensed entities. Submit the form below to chat today!