Your home equity can help you pay for home improvement

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9+ Billion in Equity unlocked with Figure's platform

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Why get a Figure HELOC for your home improvement project:

  • 100% Online Application

    Don't leave your contractor waiting. Get approval in as few as 5 minutes and funding in as few as 5 days.2navigates to numbered disclaimer

  • Borrow more for less

    HELOCs typically offer lower payments, higher amounts, and longer terms than personal loans, credit cards, and other kinds of home improvement financing.4navigates to numbered disclaimer

  • Potential Tax Breaks

    Depending on how you use the loan, interest payments may be tax deductible which isn't the case for a personal loan. Be sure to consult a tax advisor.

  • Consistent Payments

    Pay the same amount each month; no matter what the market does. No penalty for prepayment if you want to pay it off early.

I can't believe how efficient and fast these folks are.

2 top lenders in the mortgage realm dragged their feet hoping I would give up my 2 percent mortgage with a growing $200K of equity in my home. But the folks at Figure new what my goal was in trying to get some money to pay off some debt and fix up my kitchen a bit. Me and my wife are thrilled and I would highly recommend them over Rocket and or Discover.

Written by customer S Passehl

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See why a HELOC is a better option for home improvement projects:

Figure HELOC

Average Personal Loan*navigates to table disclaimer

Application100% online, see your rate instantlyVaries by lender
Fixed rate1navigates to numbered disclaimerYesYes
Average APRLowerHigher
AmountUp to $400k5navigates to numbered disclaimerUp to $100k
Prepayment penaltyNonePossible
Tax deductibleFor home improvement
(be sure to consult a tax professional)
Not tax deductible
Overall costLowerHigher