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Why Figure’s HELOC is a Better Choice than Bank of America’s HELOC:

Bank of America offers a traditional HELOC with variable interest rates while Figure's HELOC stands out for its fixed interest rate1navigates to numbered disclaimer, quick approvals, and fast funding timeline. Compare Figure and Bank of America HELOCs side-by-side to help you make an informed decision about tapping into your home's equity.

Figure HELOC

Bank of America HELOC*navigates to table disclaimer

RateFixed Rates1navigates to numbered disclaimerVariable Rates
TimelinesApproval in 5 minutes, funding in 5 days2navigates to numbered disclaimer5-7 weeks
Application Process100% online applicationOnline, but in person closing required
DiscountsAutopay and Credit Union discounts available for everyoneAvailable only to Preferred Rewards Members

Convenient loan, no hassle.

Convenient loan, no hassle. Needed money for tuition, bills, etc and in 5 days I got the money. Thank you so much. You are a big help financially to my problem.

Written by customerFlordeliza M.

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Figure’s HELOC is faster than a bank loan, cheaper than a personal loan4navigates to numbered disclaimer

Complete an application in as little as 5 minutes with a 100% online application, and you could have funding initiated in as few as 5 days.2navigates to numbered disclaimer

What can I use a home equity line of credit for?

A HELOC can be used for many different purposes such as:

Home improvement

Finance your next project.

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One of the easiest loans I have ever received.

All is done online and with the proper information they wanted I received money in six days. I have recommended Figure to those looking for loans.

Written by customerCAD

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