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In the competitive world of home improvement and solar, providing flexible financing options can significantly enhance sales and customer satisfaction. With our HELOC as an effective financing solution we are enabling contractors to help their customers fund large projects with ease. A recent success story with a roofing contractor highlights the impact of our HELOC product.

A roofing contractor (Rob’s Roofing located in AZ), partnered with our company, was conducting a home visit to sell a large re-roofing job. During the consultation, the homeowner expressed interest in the project but raised concerns about financing the substantial cost.

The sales rep demonstrated the simplicity and efficiency of our digital HELOC application platform. To facilitate the financing, the sales rep provided the homeowner with a link right to the HELOC application. Within less than 20 minutes, the homeowner was able to complete the application including E-Notary (Arizona). With financing in place, the contractor promptly scheduled the project start date, ensuring the homeowner's roof project could begin without delay. The swift and smooth financing process not only alleviated the homeowner's financial stress but also reinforced their decision to choose this particular contractor.

This experience underscores the value of our HELOC product in the solar and home improvement sectors. By offering a quick and accessible financing option, we empower contractors to close sales more effectively and enhance their service offerings. Homeowners benefit from manageable financial solutions, making it easier to undertake essential home improvement projects.

In summary, our HELOC product is transformative for both homeowners and contractors. It offers a practical solution for funding large projects, enhancing client satisfaction, and enabling contractors to drive business growth. During this process, I collaborated cross-functionally to resolve any flags in real time, ensuring the homeowner experienced a seamless application process. This success story with the roofing contractor is just one example of how our financing options can revolutionize the current solar and home improvement market. Additionally, this highlights an opportunity to develop a scalable workflow to streamline similar processes in the future.


  • For the Homeowner: The quick and straightforward HELOC application provided access to necessary funds, making it easier to manage the cost of the roofing project without immediate financial strain.

  • For the Roofing Contractor: The ability to offer a viable financing solution enhanced customer satisfaction, increased the likelihood of closing sales, and provided a competitive edge in the market all without a cost to them (no dealer fee’s) 

  • For Our Company: This successful application reinforced our value as a financing partner, driving more contractors to utilize our HELOC product and contributing to increased loan origination and solar and home improvement market penetration

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