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Meet Our Private Label Team

Welcome to the heart of our organization, where expertise meets innovation, and dedication shapes success. Our team is comprised of visionary leaders and industry experts who are committed to revolutionizing the lending landscape. Through a blend of experience, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge technologies, we are paving the way for unparalleled growth and opportunity in the private label and wholesale sector.

Anthony Stratis, VP Lending Partnerships

LinkedIn: Anthony Stratis

As the Vice President of Lending Partnerships, Anthony Stratis brings a wealth of experience and insight to our team. With a keen focus on forging meaningful connections and fostering collaborative relationships, Anthony is instrumental in driving our mission forward. His strategic vision and unwavering commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our success, inspiring us to reach new heights in the lending industry.

Tim Rowen, Director, Wholesale Customer Success

LinkedIn: Tim Rowen

Tim Rowen is a seasoned expert in wholesale customer success, with a deep understanding of the transformative power of technology in lending. With a career marked by innovation and forward-thinking strategies, Tim is dedicated to empowering loan originators to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Through his leadership, we are embracing cutting-edge technologies to streamline workflows, enhance customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth for our partners.

Aimee Clark, Business and Strategic Partnership Director - Solar, Green Energy, and Home Improvement

LinkedIn: Aimee Clark

Aimee Clark brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Business and Strategic Partnership Director, focusing on solar, green energy, and home improvement initiatives. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to driving positive change, Aimee is dedicated to empowering businesses to thrive in rapidly evolving industries. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, she is reshaping the landscape of home improvement financing, positioning our partners for success in a dynamic market.

Helena Farrar, Director, Lending Operations Business Support

Linkedin: Helena Farrar 

As the Director of Lending Operations Business Support, Helena Farrar provides strategic leadership in developing loan programs, monitors team performance, and implements sales strategies while overseeing daily workforce management of the MLO sales team. She plays a pivotal role in MLA and MLO onboarding, training, and licensing processes, contributing to marketing campaigns through cold calling initiatives and executing outreach/nurture campaigns to ensure every potential borrower receives personalized attention. Helena's dedication, leadership, and strategic vision inspire the team towards unparalleled growth and success in the lending industry.

Taylor Davis, Partnership Success Manager

Linkedin: Taylor Davis

Boasting more than five years in the fintech industry, Taylor Davis stands out as a strategic relationship manager with specialized expertise in customer service, operations, and risk mitigation. He focuses on product education and the development of seamless partnerships. Taylor adeptly bridges communication and operational gaps, thereby boosting partner engagement and ensuring high levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

Alex Danilyuk, Principle Product Manager

Linkedin: Alex D

Alex oversees Figure's Private Label platform, with a focus on lender licensing, LOS (Loan Origination System), and reporting support. Collaborating closely with marketing and sales teams, Alex drives the expansion of products into new markets, leveraging his expertise to identify opportunities for growth and innovation

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